Aurasurgery represents a subtle surgery, in which operations are carried out exclusively in the energy body (aura) of the patient and thus extracor-poreally. Any direct contact between the patient and the physician is only provided in excep­tional cases.

Healing as the central task and the goal of any medical action takes place by means of the energetic and informational exchange between physician and patient, using con­ven­tional surgical instruments. The corresponding principles are de-rived from the inter­disciplinary findings of Quantum Physics, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Informatics and the Asian Martial Arts.

The method of Aurasurgery opens up new possibilities which are inconceivable with conventional medical procedures. Energy and information represent the essen­tial ingredients of life and of any medical activity. By applying definite conscious­ness techniques and operative methods, the physician specifically reprograms the consciousness of the patient on the cellular basis via the aura.


Mental healing has a great future. A quotation from the world-famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (*1875; †1961) illustrates this:I believe that healing in a non-materialistic way, through spiritual methods, has a future of unimagined possibilities. And I believe that their sphere gradually grows out of what we today call functional and even includes everything orga­nic. I see the aurora of a new time before me, in which conventional surgical interventions of e.g. internal diseases seem as a mere patchwork, full of horror that there was such a limited knowledge of methods of healing at all. Then there will hardly be any space for old medicine. Far be it from me to disapprove modern medicine and surgery, I admire both of them very much. But I have been able to look into the monstrous energies that inhabit the personality itself, and such external sources, which flow through them under certain conditions, which I can call nothing else than divine. Forces, which can not only heal functional disturbances, but also organic ones, which turned out to be mere accompanying phenomena of mental disorders.



Aurasurgery represents the step into the medicine of the 21st century, as great thinkers and scientists have predicted. It encounters a deep longing for knowledge in man: To better understand the human soul or even to address it therapeutically in order to come to a cure. Aurasurgery offers such possibilities: The concreteness in the application amazes and the human soul is made accessible in a surprisingly simple way .

Aurasurgery is characterized by a methodical concreteness, which can be effectively implemented in daily medical practice. It provides the basis for a new and at the same time cost-saving medicine, which is characterized by humanity, efficacy, simplicity, precision and the absence of side effects. Over the last 20 years, aurasurgical treatments have been successfully performed in thousands of patients. Aurasurgery is a supplement to established medical systems such as school medicine or complementary medicine. It explicitely does not claim any exclusiveness, should always be evaluated in its indication and applied in some circumstances as a supplement.


Aurasurgery does not require any particular aptitude, but can be learnt and applied by everybody. As animated spiritual beings, all humans are able to act between each other and accomplish healing by using energies and information according to the prin­ci­ples of Aurasurgery .

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